Monday, 6 October 2014

Stephen uses placements as springboard to new career

UCLan Sports Studies offers a variety of global opportunities to its students to help enhance their future career prospects.

Stephen Prosser took advantage of a number of these during his time at UCLan and has now secured a management role with Europe's largest provider of 5 & 6 a-side football leagues. Stephen has kindly shared his story with us:

"I spent a lot of time at a school in Tanzania teaching PE and coaching a number of sports teams. We held a number of tournaments at the school, most notably sports weekend where five other schools from around the country came to compete in eight different sports over one weekend.

"The school's Athletic Director noticed my work during these tournaments and entrusted me to organise two of my own tournaments towards the end of my stay. The first one was a primary school football tournament which was probably the biggest the country has ever had.

"The other was an annual soccer 7s tournament which was an honour to take control of. It was highly rewarding when a local orphanage won the boys' tournament.

"I also assisted with outdoor pursuit trips where I was a chaperone for trips up Mount Kilimanjaro or some of the other mountains in the region.

"I've also spent the last four summers working as a camp counsellor at Camp Wright in America. In my second year I took over as Sports Director which meant I had much more responsibility.

"In my final two years I was appointed Camp Wright's male section head, which meant I was in charge of over 40 staff members over each summer and had to follow ACA guidelines in order to make the camp run safely and successfully.

"I now work for Leisure Leagues in Warwickshire, controlling 25 five & six a-side leagues around the country. My time abroad during my course really benefited me, as it gave me the confidence to go on and start my career in sports and will hopefully help me achieve my dreams in later life."

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