Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bloomsbury Collections book series

The Bloomsbury Collections book series is an essential resource for our students.

Professor John Horne from our International Research Institute for Sport Studies edits 'Globalizing Sport Studies' (GSS), which is just one of a number of useful titles in the series.

The books are published with Creative Commons licenses, meaning they are all available to read (if not download) for free. One example on Japanese women and sport can be found here.

Other books in the series are listed on the right hand side of the page and discuss cricket, boxing, the media, and sport for development. Another on sport and social movements will be on the website shortly.

There are many other books in Bloomsbury Collections that may be of interest - for example the one listed at the bottom of the right hand side (The Trojan Horse) is co-authored by Garry Whannel and features a chapter on sport and sponsorship.

A range of books from the series can also be found in the UCLan Library.

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