Name: Luke Daniels       Course: Sport Studies (Sport Studies and Physical Education)        
Graduated: July 2015

Luke is currently in the USA (New England region) working Challenger Sports. Luke organises football coaching clinics, as well as running the recreational and elite sides for Pawtucket Youth Soccer Association. Luke has also looked to push forward his ethos of volunteering by organising coaching sessions for volunteer parent coaches, where he shares ideas on coaching methods in order to enhance their coaching knowledge.

In the summer Luke focused his time on the Challenger summer camps and he has been overlooking 7 different camps across New England. The camps were week long and focused on drills, skills and games.

On reflecting on his UCLan experience Luke stated “I had the opportunity to engage in some life changing experiences whilst at the university. I was fortunate enough to be a part of and lead the Zambia trip and also be invited to undertake collaboration with North Carolina State University. Throughout my time I made some amazing friends and thoroughly enjoyed the way in which the course was led by the tutors. As well as my final degree, I obtained some very highly recognised qualifications courtesy of UCLan and I believe all of these have been beneficial to my achievements in the United States so far. I also believe that the skills learnt on the course will help me next year when I go out to Los Angeles and experience working with Challenger on the west coast with an elite soccer club called the Irvine Slammers”.

Academic Team Leader Nick Passenger commented “Luke was a fantastic student and really involved himself with all the activities that UCLan had to offer. He took up the global experiences that we offered him and his excellent coaching of the U9’s CASL girl’s football team when we visited NC State will remain long in the memory. Like many of his peers, Luke organised himself well with his work, volunteered regularly at local school and was thought highly of by all the staff here. We have little doubt that he will be a success in whatever he turns his hand to.”

UCLan is recognised for its outstanding course provision which gives students the skills, knowledge, and personal attributes necessary to succeed at the University and in their future careers.

Three of our Sports Studies graduates have chosen very different paths as they look to develop in the world of sport.

Jim Ratcliffe plans to pursue a career in professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) before progressing into coaching the sport, Edward Rooney secured a role in professional football, while Ashlyn Tarney transferred her skills into teaching while she waits for a place in Postgraduate education. We spoke to them to find out more.

Jim: "The course surpassed my expectations, helping me make many positive changes to my future plans. You're encouraged to adopt a critical yet valuable approach to the study of sport, and this positively altered my previous perceptions and knowledge of sport and sociology.

"As someone pursuing a career as an athlete I've gained a much greater understanding of my position in the world of sport, the challenges that face me and the contemporary sociological issues that occupy my chosen sport. I believe all of this will greatly aid me in my pursuit of success.

"The course staff also had a massively positive influence on my time at UCLan, with help and support always being readily available, particularly during the production of my dissertation, with all lecturers pushing students to reach their potential in an original and creative manner."

Edward: "I work full-time as a performance analyst at Leicester City Academy, working with teams from U9 to U21 level.

"This involves filming and coding games, producing match reports, statistics (team & individual), making pre & post match presentations to team/coaches as well as opposition analysis and assisting in recruitment of potential new players."

Ashlyn: "I had a keen interest in sport and having studied PE and Sport related courses and options at High School and College, I wanted to further enhance and extend my knowledge.

"I'd already decided I wanted to be a Secondary PE Teacher, so choosing a course that was relevant was important. The thing that appealed most about the course was there were multiple and different modules you would learn about, as well as having the option to pick electives.

"The whole package allowed me to have a better understanding and appreciation of PE and Sport, about its past, the present and the future.

"Since graduation I've successfully earned a place on a reserve list for a PGCE and am currently volunteering four days a week at a local Secondary School. I'm also teaching dance classes to 5-16 year-olds twice a week in the evenings.

"My lasting memories of UCLan would have to be the friends I made and the appreciation of the determination, help and interest the staff invested in you. They always had time for you and were willing to help if you needed it.

"My advice to any potential new students would be to be determined to get where you want to be, by doing everything possible to be the best. If you have an ambition, stick to it and always remember that even though you may not be successful the first time round, never give up."

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