Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Suárez, Terry and beyond

The SSTO's International Research Institute for Sport Studies is hosting a seminar entitled 'The "crisis"(?) of racism in English men's professional football: Suárez, Terry and beyond.'

Dr Daniel Burdsey (left) from the University of Brighton will present his paper which contextualises and analyses the range of reactions and responses articulated within the football industry to two high-profile incidents of racial abuse.

Specifically the paper highlights a number of features pertaining to the relationship between race and English football: a failure to appreciate the structural or systemic components of contemporary racisms; an increasingly neoliberal approach that seeks to privatise, individualise and silence issues of racial prejudice; and the presence of a colour-blind ideology that, despite publicly-pronounced commitments to anti-racism, enables racial inequality to remain embedded.

Drawing on the seminal work of Critical Race Theorist Derrick Bell, it also addresses the respective racial standing awarded to players who speak out against racism and those that underplay its repercussions.

The event takes place on Wednesday 13 November, Greenbank Building GR348, Preston from 3-5pm.