Monday, 13 July 2015

Leah opts for a life on the ocean waves

The UCLan Sports Studies course provides graduates with a wide range of skills to enhance their future employability.

Careers in sport and teaching are the most popular choices for those who successfully complete the programme, but its diverse nature can also lead students into other areas such as tourism or the outdoors.

Leah Bradbury is a great example of this, securing a role as a Retail Assistant on board the Cunard cruise liner MS Queen Victoria.

She said: "I picked the Sports Studies degree to learn about a wide range of topics surrounding the subject, such as history and politics as well as enterprise.

"The course has given me the platform to gain experience in different career paths in order to make an informed decision about my future.

"My time at UCLan has been a mix of emotions. I've met friends for life but also had to know when to knuckle down. I know that both my experience and my degree played a huge part in me gaining my new job."

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