Thursday, 2 July 2015

Graduates start new company

UCLan Sports Studies duo Carlton Evans and Luke Daniels are using the knowledge and experience gained on our programme to set up their own business.

Supported by Challenger Sports, Carlton and Luke will launch TinyTykes Preston in March 2016.

The scheme, created by childcare specialists, introduces children aged 18 months - 5 years to the basic skills of soccer.

Luke (far left) said the diverse nature of the Sports Studies course had been a big help in mapping out the path they wanted to choose.

"The course is very well run, with all the tutors and staff extremely helpful across the whole three years," he said.

"The modules are set out in a way that give you many different routes in sport, which sets you up for third year when you eventually have to choose one. I accumulated over 250 hours of coaching experience over my final two years, which has provided a perfect platform to start this business."

Luke and Carlton also enjoyed international experiences during their time on the course, working as Team Leaders on this year's UCLanSport for Development Project in Zambia.

They led two groups of second year students to an area with a high poverty rate in an attempt to deliver life lessons about HIV/AIDS and gender equality through the medium of sport.

The pair, who graduate later this month, will keep close ties to UCLan by offering coaching opportunities to undergraduates and utilising the expertise available at the university.


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